Jan 8, 2013 6

A Guessing Game

There was a five-month period not too long ago in which I worried that Amir would never learn to talk. I was preparing for a speech delay, but friends and relatives reassured me: “Don’t worry, he’ll get there.” Well, people, he’s THERE.

It began sometime in October — perhaps the first week — when Ben and I noticed Amir’s flourishing vocabulary. And from that point, it accelerated at a speed neither of us were prepared for. Amir was a sponge indeed. So much so that we overheard him yell out a certain four-letter expletive repeatedly while pretending to “work” and solve problems on the computer. It was plain as day, and though mortifying I personally was proud that he used it in the proper context.

Now that he’s built a hefty arsenal and we’ve grown accustomed to his version of words/names/phrases, we’d like to share our favorites — “Amirisms” — and see whether you know what the actual word is.

Are you up for a guessing game? If so, leave your answers in the comment section. The winner will be named in a follow-up post on Sunday, Jan. 13, along with the correct answers. Also, the winner will receive a 5×7 print of our very own “Prince of Peace.”

Have fun!

  1. brogan
  2. to midgets
  3. waffos
  4. Mo
  5. off-off
  6. Daban
  7. Daba Doe
  8. hass
  9. kookay
  10. Sinny
  11. baboom
  12. Fraunch totes
  13. gaga
  14. pops-a-doodle
  15. Bumshabba
  16. backbury