Feb 13, 2009 3

A Room for Living

This is one of the many rooms that sold us on our house. At 219 x 203 inches, we envisioned this living room as a comfy space to chill, host Superbowl parties and avoid smacking a fool while playing Wii tennis. To achieve this task we sat on dozens of couches and endured hours of time in showrooms with bad art — really bad art.

img_6652Yet with the help of our family members Suzy Shepard and Viren Gandhi, we got some solid tips that helped us pull our living room together. Suzy introduced us to cellular shades from Budget Blinds. We love the soft lighting created by these blinds when they are drawn, and they also happen to be great for insulation as well. Viren helped us find some great online deals for flat-screen LCD TVs, and so we bought a Samsung LN52A650, a 52-inch monster!

We still need to work on the lighting and other fine details, but we now have a room for living.