benjaminal + amir



Benjaminal is the culmination of Benjamin Shepard and Minal Gandhi, a left-handed couple in St. Louis who were married Nov. 16, 2008. Ben expresses sentiment through images while Minal does the same with words, so together they’re quite dynamic. The two are funny, thoughtful and dedicated to their son, relatives, friends and KITTIES!

Drop them a line any time.


Minal is an Asian Indian who left sunny California to move to Missouri – where the weather is anyone’s guess – because she loves her husband that much. She is a past journalist who now works in corporate communications.

Minal is as determined as a goat and proud of her practicality (Can you guess her sign?). But it’s not all business all the time, for she’s fond of serenading her spouse and cats with her B-sides.

Most importantly, Minal is a proud mother to her baby boy, Amir.


This is all you need to know about Ben:

  1. He loves Amir and PB & J sandwiches (strawberry jam only)
  2. You can visit his personal/professional site — 812studio