Apr 18, 2009 1

Addicted to Xocoaltl

Woot! Woot! Cultivated nearly 3000 years ago by the Mayans, “xocoaltl,” now know as chocolate, has become my favorite substance on earth. Did you know that it wasn’t until the end of the 18th century that hard chocolate was developed? Previously, chocolate was only enjoyed as a bitter, spicy, sweet, hot or cold drink. Now I can find scores of chocolate goodness at my favorite international grocery store, Global Market (GM).

Each trip to GM presents the opportunity to sample more of the world’s tasty chocolates. During my last trip to GM, I snatched up a handful of chocolate and it was so freaking good I decided to share my findings with you.

So, here goes…

  1. Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate with Ginger – Yummy, yet not as good as Chocolove’s dark chocolate with ginger. I love ginger. I wish that the ginger in this could have been stronger and chunkier.
  2. Meiji Milk Chocolate – I now know that I am not a milk chocolate fan. Minal loved this one and so did my office.
  3. Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate with Mint -I didn’t like this one in the beginning, but the next day I could not put it down. Very good.
  4. Santander Chocolate with Pineapple – I liked this one, but it would have been nice if the pineapple taste was stronger.
  5. Chocolove Dark Chocolate with Raspberries – This one was all right. The chocolate was good. The raspberries were more like sweet tarts. On another note, each Chocolove chocolate bar comes with a poem inside. So if you have a sweet tooth and plan on doing some sweet talking this is your pick.

One thing that I learned is that each chocolate bar grows on me. It’s not often that the first bite gets me, but by the next day I get hooked.

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