Sep 4, 2010 1

Air Amir

Amir is exceptionally fortunate to have the family and friends he has. Not only do these people shower him with kisses, cuddles and love, they’ve loaded him up with gifts, some of which have stocked his wardrobe with the cutest wearables.

Among the notable items are Amir’s Nike Air Jordan booties, given to him by Aunt Lisa. Ben is particularly fond of the booties, having been a basketball player during his school years. And word is that he even sported a black and blue pair of Jordans like the booties pictured.

It makes me wonder whether Amir will play basketball when he gets older, though I have a good feeling he will since Mom and Dad are big basketball fans.

Sidenote: Mama hasn’t been the best at sending Thank You notes as of late, but she and the family are forever grateful for the generosity.

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