Aug 25, 2011 3

Alaska! Part I

The Gandhi-Shepards did some land, air and sea travel a couple weeks ago, when we were part of a 21-person entourage that made its way to Alaska.

It was a family affair, and we’re grateful to Joseph and Claire for taking the family on an amazing vacation that included a seven-day cruise, adventurous excursions and breathtaking scenery. We saw many, many things … but we didn’t see Russia — go figure!

Amir enjoyed himself too. In fact, he and his young cousins impressed all of us with their adaptability.

There are LOTS of photos to share, and some are still in their editing phase so I will post the second set in about a week.

Lastly, kudos to my husband, photographer extraordinaire, who has a great eye for the aesthetic. Below are images from Seattle, Juneau and Hubbard Glacier. Stay tuned for photos from Alaska cities Sitka and Ketchikan; Victoria, British Columbia; and Seattle again.