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So We Had Another Baby…

Ben and I welcomed another son. Like, over four months ago. Rajan Garvey Gandhi-Shepard was born Aug. 17, 2014, at 10:33 a.m. in St. Louis.

Upon debut, he was 8 lbs. of amazing and a statuesque 21 inches tall.

Littlest Man threw me for a loop when I met him because I expected to have another son that looked just like Amir. Isn’t that a ridiculous expectation? But it served as a my first lesson as a parent of siblings: We are individuals through and through — in appearance, personality, preference and spirit.

Ben gave Rajan the nickname “cucumber” early on because the kid is so cool and laid back. (Unless he’s going through a mental leap/sleep regression like he has been for a week and a half. Dammit, Wonder Week 19!) His demeanor is certainly very different from that of Amir’s when he was a baby.

At present day, Rajan likes to roll onto his tummy and do half push-ups, chew on his fingers with his two bottom teeth, pass plastic links between his hands, bat at the toys hanging from his play mat, and babble and shriek like a pterodactyl. He ADORES his big brother; he smiles at Amir proudly and quietly observes the fascinating, dizzying behavior of a 4-year-old with whom I hope he is always very good pals.

Most of all, Littlest Man is incredibly sweet. His smile is like a hug. If you haven’t met him yet, you’re in for a treat.

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