Oct 7, 2010 4

Baby News and Close Calls

The extended Shepard family welcomed another cutie-patootie into the world today! Amir is no longer the youngest in the clan; Evan Alan Dredge now holds that title. But wait … there’s more to this story.

Let me preface by stating that Amir is the “Spit-Up King.” Fortunately, it’s more a laundry issue than a health issue. Unless of course Mom is asked to pose for a photo holding the Spit-Up King just above his slumbering newborn cousin — then it’s an issue of mortification.

To be clear: Amir came close to regurgitating his dinner all over little Evan. But by some miracle, he missed Evan by an inch. And most unreal? Ben caught the incident on film. We promise there was no Photoshop trickery involved in the shot.

We love you, Evan! And we’re sure you’ll repay your cousin for this one someday.

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