Dec 12, 2012 3

Celebrating More

Ben and I have not fussed over holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., during much of our time together as a couple. Some would describe it as laziness, but I’d argue that it was nonchalance.

We were proud of our low-key approach. Gifts of expensive or sparkly things were never expected. Instead, we opted for simplicity by way of “I Love You” whispers and “Happy Birthday” exultations paired with bear hugs.

But all those years of nonchalance began to make me feel very dull … flat. The days seemed to meld together, no matter the season, thus dampening what could otherwise be a spirited time. Today, part of my current evolution – my progress – is a promise to celebrate more. I deserve it. Ben does, and Amir undoubtedly does too.

So this past weekend, the Gandhi-Shepards set out to bring some twinkle, color, light and cheer to our home in honor of the holidays. Unlike years past, when there was little evidence of Christmastime unless you saw a lone poinsettia on the console table that someone dropped off, this year our tree is decorated and lit, the stockings are hung and the house is brighter, just like our moods.

And the bonus is creating the experience as a family. Neither expensive nor sparkly, but hearing Amir squeal, “Whoooaaaa! Dad!” as he marveled over the ornate tree was the most valuable gift of all.

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