Mar 23, 2011 2

Chomp, Chomp

What is over 2 feet tall, has big, brown eyes and a bite that rivals that of Jaws? Beware: It’s the littlest Gandhi-Shepard.

Amir — who for the time being will be called The Drool Machine — has been teething on and off since January. It was then that he sprouted his first tooth, and weeks later welcomed his second. Now my guess is that tooth No. 3 and 4 are moving in based on the onset of mild fussiness and, oh, did I mention oodles and oodles of drool?

In addition, Little Man is currently battling his second cold and ear infection, which I believe is a side effect of teething and/or INSANE AMOUNTS OF DROOL. But who knows?

I try to look on the bright side: Fighting off another cold means that Amir will develop resistance to yet another virus strain. So here’s to health — for one and all.

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