May 20, 2009 1

Eggplant — lots of eggplant

We have recipes stockpiled for use, but I’m doing all I can to keep this blog from becoming “What We Had for Dinner.” So I promise to always sprinkle in non-food-related posts. Today, however, is not a day for that.

Therefore, I give you my borrowed recipe for eggplant parmesan. Tasty, cheesy, eggplanty. It was my first attempt, and the result made Ben very, very happy. Bon appétit.

The recipe came from “Doery” who submitted it on

I won’t repost the ingredients and instructions because the link to Doery’s recipe is right above, but, having prepared the dish, heed some warnings:

  1. One large eggplant should be plenty for six people.
  2. You’ll likely need more than two eggs to use as “glue.”
  3. You will need LOTS more cheese than the amount recommended.
  4. Be sure to slice your eggplant thin; if not, you’ll have to keep it in the oven longer so it softens.
  5. Though an easy-to-follow recipe, preparing this meal is time-intensive.
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