Oct 4, 2009 1

Friends Like These

We love three-day weekends. Then again, what 9-5 workerbee enjoys Mondays? So when Labor Day rolled around, Ben and I were relieved to have an extended break to the workweek after our hectic trip to Spain.

Lucky for us, we have a tight group of wonderful friends with whom we can share those weekends. It’s because of these people that I find comfort in my adopted city, a city that feels more like home with each passing year.

This past Labor Day was spent at the Fulstone home with the StL crew — a group of guys Ben has known for a decade and more — and their families. We chit-chatted and barbecued and swatted at pesky mosquitos that fatten up off our blood.

A lovely summer day it was, reminding us that with friends like these any holiday is guaranteed to be warm.