May 29, 2011 0

G.G., Dada and Amir

Though he sees them several times a week over Skype, Amir was lucky enough to be paid a visit by his G.G. and Dada (Grandma and Grandpa Gandhi) around Easter.

Little Man showed his grandparents just how much he’s matured compared to the last time they saw him in person (back when he was born). Now he can feed himself cheese puffs, crawl, cruise and laugh. Boy, can he laugh — especially when he’s so tired he’s close to delirium — check out the video and see for yourself.

The threesome crammed in a good amount of quality time together while G.G. and Dada were visiting from California. And after a tornado damaged Lambert Airport and delayed passenger flights, the Gandhi-Shepards benefited from an extra day with the grandparents.

Now we’re waiting for their next trip out to St. Louis. Amir has got so much more to show them!