Apr 20, 2011 2

Goodbye, Lewis

Sweet Lewis, do you know what you taught us? You taught us to be tenacious when it comes to love and attention and … food.

You were always prepared and always keen on opportunity. You know, the kind of opportunity that rewarded you with chin rubs, leftover cereal milk or canned tuna.

You were extraordinary, and we wonder: How’d you get to be such a brilliant, loving cat? Who taught you how to be so awesome? Ben found you and your sister under a skateboard ramp nearly a decade ago, and he named you after his favorite character in his favorite movie: Lewis from Ghostbusters.

We will remember the way you rushed to us as we stepped foot in the house, meowing and wriggling at our feet for attention. We will also remember the countless times you patiently sat in front of us, head slightly cocked and your golden eyes staring at the bowl of ice cream in our hands — the bowl of ice cream you knew would be set in front of you if you waited … just … a while … longer.

Why couldn’t you live for another 10 years so we could’ve cuddled a while longer? And so Amir had the chance to run around with — or, more accurately after — you?

We’re sorry you weren’t feeling well for the past couple weeks; we wish we had the power to heal you. We wish, we wish. But today you went to a better place, where your soul is free of pain. And we will keep you alive in our hearts for eternity. We love you, buddy.

Dear God,
Keep him safe
Let him hug your feet
Give him an abundance of love
and plenty of treats.

Lewis from St. Louis
2002 – 2011

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