Dec 5, 2012 3

Growing Up

I had an idea a few weeks ago to resurrect this benjaminal + amir site at the turn of the year. You know, to make it symbolic.

A long-awaited post delivered at just the right moment would’ve marked new beginnings or a clean slate or a promise of frequent blogging. I would’ve summed up the past 16 months with just the right words and pictures and a little bow on top.

But while waiting for the eve of 2013, I saw myself forfeiting inspiration and ideas that only occur in the now. They were slipping away with the days, and it became clear that I was setting up my all-too-familiar trap once again: The Trap of Perfect Timing.

I am speaking only of me – Minal. Neither my husband nor son care about perfect timing. Ben – because he is a wise mover-and-shaker – and Amir – because he is 2 and impulsive – don’t give it much thought or yield to its unnecessary pressure. I, unfortunately, have waited too long and for too few moments that didn’t turn out to be so perfect. So I am taking the first step in dismantling my own trap in order to strive for the other P-word: progress.

Hence this post, which is simply to share a picture and say:

Hello! The Gandhi-Shepards are good and healthy and still growing. Some more than others, and others more subtly than the next.”

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