Dec 19, 2012 0

Hall of Famer

Amir is a fan of lots of things, the biggest being stuff on wheels. But he is also a fan of music as long as it has a great guitar riff. There’s just something about rock & roll that lights up this kid’s heart.

He is such a fan of guitars, in fact, that when he was younger he’d pretend to play a guitar – usually just a mini flashlight – and sing his gibberish songs. But being the lucky and loved kid that he is, Amir received a toy guitar as a gift from his Nehal-masi (“Masi” meaning mother’s sister in Gujarati) while we were in California for Thanksgiving. Nearly every day since then, Little Man has picked up his guitar and “strummed” a tune out while dancing. The gibberish has morphed into English and the style and attitude is quite deliberate now, as you’ll hear in the video below.

The jamming remains very adorable though. Or, more aptly, very rock & roll.

Rock & Roll! from gandhi-shepard on Vimeo.