Nov 1, 2009 0

Halloween 2009

We were armed with about $50 worth of Halloween candy — yes, overzealous indeed — but had the chance to treat only three trick-or-treaters from our neighborhood. It was so disappointing.

Two hours passed with us idling around, snacking on Snickers bars, waiting for something to happen. But, no dice. Just when we thought our Halloween was a bust…

… our cousins Nayeli and Karyna stopped by to show off their ballerina moves, and then our good friends Jabari and Lora spent the evening with us. While Jabari hammed it up in costume, we prepared dinner.

Then our other friend Jen came by with her daughter, Delia. Both were dressed in beautifully elaborate handmade dresses comprised of about 75 yards of tulle. Amazing!

The six of us shared scary-movie stories, cooked some more and played video games. It was proof again that when all else fails, family and friends will save the day … or night.

Minal, Jen, Delia, Lora and Jabari