Jun 29, 2009 2

Here and there

Yes, we’ve been M.I.A. for a few weeks. It’s a bit of laziness paired with lots of busyness, with a touch of computer problems.

But, hey, summer is here! St. Louis certainly didn’t hesitate to bring on the heat. In fact, temperatures in Missouri tapered off just yesterday, after a 10-day stretch of 95- through 98-degree weather — and taking humidity into account, the heat index had reached 110 degrees!

Here’s a rundown of news from Gandhi-Shepard land:

  1. Federer, here we come: We have been taking tennis lessons. And we are seriously good.
  2. He works hard for the money: Ben is a freelancing machine! He’s been web designing and branding for Announce Media and The School for Ethics and Global Leadership, and has just been hired by Pacent Learning Solutions. More jobs are in the pipeline.
  3. Reunited: My friend Alice flew in from Long Beach a little over a week ago to introduce her two daughters to their mom’s hometown. It was nice catching up after so long.
  4. Family affair: We purchased the iPhone 3GS with Momma Shushi, which made Ben a very happy man.
  5. Dads rule!: Father’s Day was a nice time spent with Ben’s dad and other relatives, though I missed my own dad a bunch.
  6. What’s cookin’?: I bought new cookware that’s so beautiful and shiny I don’t want to use it.
  7. Foofie Futon: In my unstoppable efforts to set up and furnish our home, we bought a futon for our family/reading room. Lounge-tastic! Plus, it’ll come in very handy when my parents and grandma visit. Come soon, Ba!
  8. Yes, that’s right: I shaved all four cats’ fur down to a buzz cut. Because I felt like it.
  9. Mo’ money: We refinanced our house.
  10. And we’ll all float on OK: We’re weeks away from my first float trip. Destination: Big Piney River. Yee-haw!
  11. Don’t be jealous, but…: We’re also headed to Spain later this summer. I am ec-static!
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