Oct 9, 2010 1

Homecoming King, pt. I

After much hemming and hawing, I had mustered up the courage to book a trip out to California so Amir could meet his Gandhi clan. The trip was fantastic for both Amir and me — as that week served as restoration for my mind and body.

So what do you get when you combine hordes of eager relatives and friends with an awfully cute infant? Laughs, love and lots of pictures. The ones in this post show Amir with the Gandhi family (stay tuned for the photos with friends).

Two days of meeting and greeting are enough to wear out even an adult, but Amir handled the new faces (and noise) like a champ. As a bonus: Because the days were packed with activity, the little man slept great both nights, allowing Mom and Dad to catch up on their Z’s too.

Now back in St. Louis, the three of us have been missing our loved ones in California, especially Dada, Dadi and Ba. But we’ll be making our way back there soon enough.

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