May 25, 2011 0

In and Out

Why is it that babies often reject toys and go for items that, to an adult, seem uninteresting? That’s one lesson Amir teaches us every day: To look for wonder in everything.

When he was around 9 months old, Little Man’s newest fascination was a long cardboard box. He batted at the flaps, climbed on top of it, looked inside and, eventually, crawled right through.

The open box was his tunnel to a faraway land (better known as the foyer), and he used it to escape the living room (where we sometimes contain him) many, many times.

Of course, that fascination petered out as quickly as it grew. But we documented his curiosity, so that when he’s older, with a mind too complex to notice the wonder in a cardboard box, we’ll encourage him to look again.

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