Oct 28, 2009 2

It’s All in the Details

We’re just a month away from the first anniversary of our home purchase — and even less before our first wedding anniversary!

Throughout the past 11 months, we’ve spruced up the house with attic insulation, some window treatments, a sofa, TV, dining-room set, futon and bedroom furniture. Once the big stuff was out of the way, I started to focus on the details. Recently, Ben installed my favorite detail to date: the hanging pot rack.

What we thought would be a piece of cake to install turned into a nightmare. We had all necessary tools — even a stud finder, except that it led us astray, resulting in a half-dozen useless holes drilled into the kitchen ceiling. We then tried to locate the joists through the light fixture, an unsuccessful attempt that then led to a crooked fixture. It got so frustrating that Ben had to sleep on it.

The next day, however, he was unstoppable.

After crawling above and wading through 18 inches of fiber-glass insualtion, he drilled holes next to the joists from the attic down with a bit of guidance from me. Once back downstairs, he installed the pot rack within 30 minutes. He even Spackled so the ceiling got a facelift!

Married life rocks!