Jun 1, 2011 1

Look Who’s Loafing Around

I say the following with a combination of disbelief, relief and nostalgia: Amir is morphing from baby to kid. And the metamorphosis is happening fast.

Little Man’s increasing mobility has contributed to the maturity. But most impressive is the fact that he not only knows how to move around, he knows how to get around too. Amir’s brilliant little brain remembers the layout of the house now. He knows where his toys are (living room), where his bedroom is (upstairs) and where his food can be found (kitchen, of course).

So imagine our surprise — and amusement — when our kid made his way into the kitchen to help himself to a slice (or three) of honey wheat. Unbeknownst to us, we had a bread burglar on our hands.

Oh, son, your cuteness should be a felony. Really.

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