Sep 6, 2010 2

Little Man in the Mirror

I read somewhere that in the early months of life infants are visually attracted to high-contrast patterns, bright colors and faces, especially Mom’s and Dad’s face.

So during play-and-exploration hour in the Gandhi-Shepard home, Ben and I take Amir on a house tour. We usually start off in the living room, where there’s a wall of portraits of family and friends. After a few minutes we make our way to the dining room, where there are more photos and artwork, then to the bright den/office for a view of the colorful book binds, followed by a stop in the kitchen to see the poster of Obama on the refrigerator, and lastly to the foyer for the grand finale: to see ourselves in the mirror.

We think Amir enjoys the mirror the most. We notice that his eyes get wider and fix upon either himself or Ben or I.  He holds that gaze for many seconds too, and, sometimes as you’ll see, he’ll crack a smile. And can you blame him? I’d smile too if I were as cute as Amir.

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