Jan 23, 2011 4

Party Over Here!

On Saturday morning, at least one living room on Briarwood was buzzing with babies. NINE babies. The house was (almost) crawling with little people because Amir hosted his first play group!

Thanks to a first-time mom’s support group at the hospital where Amir was born, I met some very cool women who have been in the same boat as me. And because the working moms can no longer attend the group meeting every Tuesday, a weekend play date was in order.

Out of the nine babies who visited, all but one were born over the summer at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Coincidentally, one of them even shares the same birthday as Amir.

So while the moms swapped stories and advice, the tykes sat, rolled, squealed and mouthed everything within reach. It was fascinating and adorable. Of course, as the two-hour mark neared, the living room turned into meltdown central, signaling that it was time to pack up. But in all, I’d say our first play group was a huge success!