Jun 10, 2011 4

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

…Because it’s time to celebrate Amir’s walking accomplishment! Yup, at 10.5 months old, Little Man took his first steps.

Sure, he wobbled a bunch at first, thus making it seem as though he had a bit too much to drink, but in a matter of days — and after lots of practice — he looks like a pro. In fact, his balance and confidence has grown since this video was taken earlier in the week. (Speaking of the video, it’s my first attempt at creating a clip in iMovie, so I hope you enjoy it.)

We’re so proud of this kid. He rewards Ben and I each day with his smiles, giggles, gibberish, and, yes, even tantrums. We can’t believe that less than a year ago Amir hadn’t yet seen the world. And now he’s walking all over it!

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