Sep 13, 2010 7

Ridiculously Cute

It seems as though Amir hits a new milestone every day, making me recall that old-time cliché “They grow up so fast.”

Now 8 weeks old, the little man weighs in at 10 lbs. 11 oz., and is now 23.5 inches tall, based on the measurements taken at the pediatrician’s office late last week. The visit also signaled that it was time for his 2-month immunizations (i.e. four shots into his teeny thighs). Amir handled them like a champ, crying only for 45 seconds afterward, but Mama felt the pain for much longer.

Amir also has started to socialize — surprising us with gurgles and coos and ridiculously cute smiles. Trust me when I say that this tyke is a charming, charming boy. The proof is in the pictures.

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