Apr 29, 2009 1

Runs and puns

As a kid, I didn’t like running. If sports or play involved running, it was OK, but cross-country teams or track-and-field teams or mile-long trips around the track were boring, exhaustive nightmares.

That’s why I surprised myself when I decided back in February to sign up for the Go! St. Louis Marathon Relay with three of my co-workers. When I came home the day of the sign-up and shared the news with Ben, he laughed before asking, “Are you sure about this?”

Well, I never was sure — in fact, I spent most days regretting my decision to participate — but I did it! On Sunday, April 19, I ran/walked just over 6 miles on a very wet spring day in St. Louis. Within two minutes of the start of my leg, my shoes and socks were soaked and I was on my way to being drenched. But after about 85 minutes, I was at my finish line in Forest Park. True runners would laugh at that time, but I’m proud to have conquered a challenge that years ago would’ve sent me … running! Aren’t I punny?