Nov 22, 2009 2

Small luxury

We tackled another home-improvement project yesterday, and this one took nearly seven hours to complete. But it’s done and, for Ben especially, it was well worth it.

A little back story: For about a year, we’ve had to deal with the hassle of having two cars yet only one garage-door remote. When we bought our house, the seller had only one, which confounded us. We thought that buying a second compatible remote would be easy, but later found out that the garage-door opener itself was ancient and obsolete.

Being the gentleman that he is, Ben told me to keep our only remote in my car, so I rarely faced the inconvenience he felt on most days.

That all changed last night. My husband turned into DIY Guy and installed a new garage-door opener — with two remotes! I helped a bit here and there, but I was proud of Ben for the time and effort he dedicated to successfully install a complicated and risky device.

Give the man a high-five next time you see him — he deserves it.