Nov 27, 2010 0

Thanksgiving: Twice As Nice

Little Amir got a twofer on Thursday: Not only did he have the joy of experiencing his first Thanksgiving, he also experienced his first snowfall. The strength of the storm was unexpected but it made for a beautiful holiday in St. Louis. Check out the video — a first on benjaminal.

Thanksgiving morning started off with a smiling baby looking up from his crib, where he now squirms and turns his way into the oddest positions. Now 4 months old, Amir is rolling over regularly from back to tummy and vice versa.

After we showered and dressed (Amir wore a bowtie!), we headed over to Grandma Shushi’s house to enjoy food and family with Grandma, Uncle Carl, Aunt Katie, Tootie and Brookie. There we played “Apples to Apples.” Three naps and hours later, we then went to Grandpa Joe and Cici’s house to get our second dose of food and family. Despite the long day, Amir was in great spirits and exceptionally sociable, which is a relief because Christmas is just around the corner!

Enjoy the photos and video.