Jun 25, 2010 2

The home stretch

Ben and I recently had what may be our last ultrasound for this pregnancy. And this time, we saw a BABY on the monitor — not something that we cerebrally acknowledge to be a baby but something that truly looks like one. Do you see Little Man’s face? He’s handsome, like his dad. (A profile shot is at the end of this post.) During the ultrasound, we were told that Baby is just shy of 6 lbs. and would likely be around 7.5 lbs. at birth.

Also, just yesterday I experienced what I believe were Braxton-Hicks contractions (aka false labor).

Four contractions occured 15 minutes apart within one hour. I couldn’t have been more excited; I was sure that — after nearly 38 weeks — this baby was coming. But as the contractions ceased, so did the excitement. Because that’s when the reality of Baby-Related Things Still Not Done came into focus, and I panicked. The remainder of the night was spent packing my hospital bag, tidying the nursery, sorting baby’s laundry and rattling off a half-dozen To-Dos to Ben. It’s what some would call “nesting.”

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