Jan 18, 2011 4

Trust Us, We’re Your Parents

Tonight we celebrated Amir’s half birthday. Yes, Little Man is 6 months old already — what a milestone! And of course there’s lots going on with him.

He now sits up unsupported (he can even get into sitting position without help); he positions himself on all fours before lunging, and he is teething.

Anyway, to mark the past half-year with our nugget, I decided to give Amir a taste of real food. He’s been noshing on rice cereal for over a month, but that was it as far as “solids.” So as a treat, I decided to add some sweet potatoes to his dinner. But based on the video footage, Ben and I don’t think those potatoes turned out to be much of a treat.

Happy Half-Birthday, Son. Sorry we ruined your dinner tonight — we’re sure it won’t be the last time. But remember that we love you through and through.

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