Feb 18, 2009 1

Warmer Winters are Upon Us!

Disclaimer: This series may draw out big yawns from readers, for, let’s face it, news that excites first-time homeowners is hardly ever as thrilling and dramatic as they proclaim.

For our second installment of The Joys and Pains of Homeownership, we have some big news.

JOY: More attic insulation!

The StL winter may be heading out (though today felt like it would never end), but we decided to invest in insulating and weatherproofing our home. The 15- to 20-degree winters are no joke for Minal, a Californian, nor our pocketbooks. And, after some no-obligation visits from a couple contractors, we learned that our attic had only a quarter of the insulation than what is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy. No wonder we were freezing!

So we hired Affordable Comfort of Missouri and Illinois to help warm us up, and the difference is incredible. I suppose that’s the least we can expect from two friendly contractors who came armed with a truckload of batts, rolls and blown-in insulation — all of which will be effective in the blazing summers too.

There’s much relief in the Gandhi-Shepard household today. Because we now can forgo the scarves, beanies and ski socks on cold winter nights at home. We can finally sit pretty … and comfortably.