Jul 13, 2010 3

Yes, Still Pregnant

Evidently, I’m not among the 5 percent of women who birth a baby on its due date. July 12 has passed, and I’m still very, very pregnant. Very pregnant. Very, very. I’m 1 cm dilated, and the baby hasn’t “dropped” yet. His stubbornness is showing, wouldn’t you say?

My doctor visits are now twice a week so the professionals can monitor Little Man and ensure he’s doing well in the womb. I also decided that I’m willing to wait up to 10 days for Baby’s arrival — given that there are no risks to my or his health. Otherwise we induce sooner, which, God, I really don’t want to experience induction. Labor is hard enough.

Family matters

The good news is that my parents and grandma are staying with us, cooking Ben and I the most amazing food. The arrangement is particularly lucky for me because I feel ravenous all the time. And hardly anything satiates me like my mom’s Indian food. They’ll be here for a month, which I’m so thankful for.

So, rest assured that Benjaminal will keep you updated on Baby’s arrival. Forgive us if we don’t return your phone calls; instead I recommend that you revisit this site a few times a week to check for updates. You can follow us on Twitter, too.

Thank you for your well wishes and positive thoughts. Your support is proof of your awesomeness.

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