Jul 18, 2011 7

You’re 1, Son

There is so much to say … so I’ll start with this: Holy moly, our baby is 1 year old. Happy birthday, Little Man. We made it. Together.

Now for some sentimentality: Amir has been a life-changer. Leave it to a kid to put your entire life into perspective. It’s because a child demands the best of you — tenacity, devotion, selflessness, enthusiasm — and most of us give it freely and naturally. We nurture day in, day out. And it’s later that surprise sets in; who knew we had those traits within us all along? Kids: so small yet so mighty.

So it was fitting for Ben and me to celebrate Little Man’s first year of life. It was also our Thank You to Amir for raising us while we raised him. And our dear friends and family were there to share in our joy and gratitude.